GSoC: Michael Madsen

Game script (bytecode) decompiler

CFG analysis complete!

And with that, the CFG analysis is now completed and documented, completing the fourth milestone. There are still a couple of things that could be improved upon, but they are not applicable to SCUMM, so I'll leave those things alone for now and then I can get back to them if KYRA needs them (or if time permits later in the project).

Here's an example of a script with all of the analysis complete:
Code flow graph of samnmax/script-30.dmp

It may seem a little messy, but I've verified it, and the analysis gives the expected results for everything.

The next milestone is code generation for SCUMMv6 - so each of these boxes must be converted to a piece of code. Once that milestone is complete, the decompiler should be able to fully decompile all SCUMMv6 scripts.

Posted in Decompiler, GSoC at 2010-07-05 16:43:28