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SCUMM over!

I've finished the SCUMM code generation now. Unfortunately, a bunch of stuff got in the way, and I didn't quite make my new revised deadline - but at least I finished in time for the original deadline.

There may still be some tweaks here and there which would be nice to add, but the code generation is working for all opcodes, and generating some pretty nice output. To give an example, here is the complete output for the script I showed you last time:
C:\scummvm\gsoc2010-decompiler>decompile -escummv6 script-33.dmp
00000000: VAR_GAME_LOADED = 0;
00000006: var173 = var177;
0000000C: var177 = 874;
00000012: cursorCmd_Image(var177, 93);
0000001A: stopObjectCodeB();
And just to show it does more than just such simple scripts, here's part of another, more complicated script:
C:\scummvm\gsoc2010-decompiler>decompile -escummv6 script-30.dmp
00000000: localvar2 = 1;
00000006: while ((localvar2 <= (60 * var132))) {
00000014:   breakHere();
00000015:   delaySeconds(1);
00000019:   if (((VAR_VIRT_MOUSE_X != localvar0) || (VAR_VIRT_MOUSE_Y != localvar1))) {
0000002B:     localvar0 = VAR_VIRT_MOUSE_X;
00000031:     localvar1 = VAR_VIRT_MOUSE_Y;
00000037:     jump 0;
0000003A:   }
0000003A:   if (bitvar1) {
00000040:     bitvar1 = 0;
00000046:     jump 0;
00000049:   }
00000049:   ++(localvar2);
0000004F: }
Now that all parts of the SCUMM decompilation have been handled, it's time to move on to the next engine - KYRA. My next task is therefore to get a disassembler for that written.

Posted in Decompiler, GSoC, SCUMM at 2010-07-24 23:09:43